Cleanroom Consulting & Training

Last year alone, ACM provided cleanroom consulting & training to over 4000 people working in cleanrooms, including testing, access badging, violation reporting and providing key metrics for our clients use.

Cleanroom Consulting & Training

As you can imagine, with over 33 years of cleanroom experience, our Managers have done and seen it all.  One of the areas ACM prides itself on is being best at delivering cleanroom consulting & training classes.

Our training classes may be tailored to meet the demands and scope of any clean-build project or manufacturing customer

ACM will train your group for:

  • Clean-Build Protocol and customers in the manufacturing mode.
  • Training Classes may consist of Cleanroom History, Cleanroom Classifications, Cleanroom Protocols, Cleanroom Gowning demonstrations, acceptable Cleanroom Behaviors, Aseptic Practices and Good Documentation Practices. (GDP’s)

ACM Training Managers Demonstrate Cleaning Procedure to the CePAT Team in Ghana, Africa Remotely from ACM’s Offices in PA.


Our Protocol training aligns with construction schedules and project management requirements.

Protocol Level 1 – Weather Tight

Protocol Level 2 – Utilities Hook-up

Protocol Level 3 – Cleanroom Interiors

Protocol Level 4 – Filter Installation

Protocol Level 5 – Certification and Test

Protocol Level 6 – Tool Hook-up


Protocol training also encompasses:

        • Access Badges or stickers
        • Control and monitoring of cleanroom entrance – areas.
        • Definition and enforcement of protocol levels and the standards of cleanliness.
        • Providing Posters and signage to control behaviors.
        • Tracking and Enforcement of cleanroom violations / providing re-training.
        • Dirty work permit management or PEPs (Protocol Exception Plans)
        • Violation database with daily / weekly / monthly project metrics
        • Coordination of all cleanroom cleaning schedules and cleaning
        • Launderables and change-outs
        • DI (de-ionized) water system set-up for cleaning
        • Proper gowning and use of cleanroom consumable supplies (headcovers, facemasks, shoecovers, smocks, sleves, overalls, knee boots, gloves, Tyvek tape, etc.)
        • Drinking water and hydration.
Protocol Monitor
Protocol Badge

ACM’s cleanroom rule:  “Cleanroom Protocol is followed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.â€


ACM offers training to production personnel, supervisors, managers of companies who have cleanrooms for their manufacturing and R & D processes. The training classes consist of:

ACM cleanroom consulting & training slide
  • What is a Cleanroom?
  • Mechanics of a Cleanroom
  • Classification of Cleanrooms
  • ISO Cleanroom Standards
  • Cleanroom Behavior
  • Cleanroom Protocols
  • Cleanroom Gowning
  • ESD in Cleanrooms
  • Microbiology
  • Aseptic Techniques
  • GMP Documentation requirements for Cleanroom Cleaning

Why Choose ACM?

We pride ourselves on being a business partner that quality assurance, purchasing and facility managers can rely on. Everyone agrees, ACM’s combined knowledge and experience is unmatched in the cleanroom industry.  For more information on how ACM can help you plan your training,  “Contact†us now.