CEO and Founder

Janet R. Ford, CEO and founder of ACM, has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology with a focus in Business Administration from Oregon State University (OSU). She has served the University as a member of the OSU Board of Practitioners, Department of Microbiology for curriculum development.  Her first jobs were in quality control for a food manufacturing company in Oregon, and selling cleanroom products and supplies for a distributorship in California.  It was while selling cleanroom consumable products that she was asked for help by some of her customers. With encouragement from her associates in the cleanroom industry, she started ACM to service the cleanroom industry for cleanroom cleaning.

Ms. Ford founded the first company specializing in cleanroom cleaning in America, Advanced Cleanroom Microclean Corp, (ACM), noting, “The average janitorial company did not recognize the expertise required, and were unable to address the complex organizational and technical issues involved with cleanroom cleaning and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations.â€Â  This statement still applies today.

The Aerospace and Semiconductor industries needed particle reduction for safety compliance and yield improvements respectively.  The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA Title 21 mandates that “any building used to manufacture a drug, food, medical device, cosmetics or holding of such shall be maintained in a clean and sanitized condition.†Cleanrooms across America needed a company with the vision of ACM’s Janet Fordâ€.

Ms. Ford is also the CEO of Ford Technologies, Inc., which manufactures several well-known cleanroom products including: NovaClean Floor Cleaner, Lab & Glass Cleaner, NovaHol, LoNa Hand Soap and a new green cleanroom detergent, NovaClean AFX and Protohol products; blends of De-Ionized water and Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).

Ms. Ford co-chaired a committee for the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Testing (IEST), and co-authored “Recommended Practice IES-RP-23, Microorganisms in Cleanrooms.†She has published several works for cleanroom and microcontamination symposiums and tutorials.  She continues her involvement in giving back to the industry.  Ford is one of eleven delegates in the USA to review and make recommendations for revisions to the ISO standards for the cleanroom industry.

Ms. Ford is a hands-on president and dedicates her time to all facets of the businesses. Because of her first-hand experience and knowledge of the industry, she develops management teams, authors training tools, and creates protocol systems that guarantee effortless compliance.

Ms. Ford is a world-renowned authority in the field of cleanroom microcleaning, cGMP cleaning and Clean-Build construction services.