About Us

Our History

ACM (Advanced Cleanroom Microclean), founded in 1982, was born on the West Coast and shortly after expanded nationwide.  ACM was the first company in the USA established to fill the need for specialized cleanroom cleaning services.  Originally servicing the Aerospace Industry in the early 80’s, and later diversifying into Semiconductor, Construction, Auto, Food, Medical Device, Vaccine, Pharma, Pharmacy and Solar Industries as the need for more technical services evolved.

In addition to diversifying industry wide, ACM also took the opportunities to diversify its product offerings.  The timeline of ACM’s diversification growth opportunities is listed below.

1982 ACM founded to offer specialized cleanroom cleaning in the United States

1983 Nilfisk and other distributorships established

1985 First Company to offer Clean-Build Protocol Services in the United States

1985 ISO 14644 (Fed STD 409) Certification and Test Services established

1985 HEPA Filter Replacement Services

1985 Cleanroom Training Classes

1990 GMP Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

1995 Environmental Monitoring Services

1996 Services Offered in the Northwestern US

1998 Services Offered in the Southern US

1999 Services Worldwide – China

2003 Services Offered in the North East United States

2005 SOP writing for GMP facilities

2010 ISO 9001:2008 Certified

2013 Services Offered in the New England Area, United States

2015 Services Worldwide – Ontario, Canada

2017 ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ACM’s commitment to quality is evident as we continuously maintain and exceed our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.  The initial Certification was impressive to the auditors due to working in industries, subject to regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and the FDA.

ACM’s Commitment to our Team

ACM believes in Individual Employee Development Plans and succession planning.  Every employee at ACM has an opportunity to excel and realize their potential.   ACM is committed to providing exceptional training for all our associates to provide a sound foundation for growth and customer commitment.

ACM Commitment to the Customer

Outsourcing ACM’s cleanroom compliant services adds a partner to your company.  ACM is dedicated to problem solving, continuous improvement, deviation reduction, particle reduction, assisting with SOPs, giving our customer’s effortless compliance.  This improves quality, increases yields and saves costs adding to your profitability, benefiting both your company and ACM.

The ACM Mission Statement

ACM is committed to providing highly-trained personnel and field-tested systems to ensure that our clients are in compliance with current International and Federal cleanroom regulations. We work tirelessly to improve our operation through regular interactions with our clients and by accumulating the education about best practices according to the most current ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards. and GMPs.

Our Vision

To fulfill our promise of guaranteed effortless compliance.