“You were my first group to reach zero past dues this year…and my first to reach zero past dues twice! GREAT JOB!” – Pharma Quality Control Manager

Particle Count Has Never Been This Low

“Until ACM came on board, the particle count had never been this low (100,000 down to 59,000). Our floors always look new, and our customers are always saying how clean our Fab looks. Thank you and your team for caring.†– Microelectronics VP, Facilities

ACM Should Be Congratulated!

“As far as I know there have been no ACM deviations this year. Thank you! These results demonstrate excellent attention to aseptic gowning and behaviors by the ACM staff! Please encourage the associates to continue using good aseptic technique.” – Pharma Quality Assurance Department

10 Times Better

“The facility is at least 10 times better looking and cleaner now than before you came… thank you for the extra work you and your team have done to make this a better place to work…” – Microelectronics Manager

Support Through Difficult Times

“I just want to thank you and your crew for such a great job performed, and for supporting us during our difficult times here at XXX. Great Job!†– Pharmaceutical Filling Supervisor

Big Word - ACM "CARES"

“What was said was that ‘the cleaning crew in place now by far surpasses the quality of work ever done here before… That they have noticed how much your group cares about what they do and how they do it… And the BIG word there is CARES… I myself want to thank your group for what they have done so far here at XXX… Not only in the clean room but the way they had to adapt to the personnel here and our protocol.†– Medical Center Facilities Supervisor